Social Engineering Attacks and Counterintelligence Essay

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With the technological advances that seem to be advancing daily, our national security has been impacted by the growing popularity of social engineering attacks and counterintelligence. The website WikiLeaks majorly impacted the US with the release of the Afghan War Diary in July of 2010. If that was not bad enough, there was another major release of documents entitled the Iraq War Logs that was posted on the WikiLeaks website in October of 2010. So social engineering attacks and counterintelligence of this type has cause major changes to take place in regards to how classified information is handled.

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Keeping sensitive and/or confidential information out of the hands of the enemy is the main purpose for counterintelligence.
From a social engineering standpoint the national security was significantly impacted by WikiLeaks when the Afghan War Diary and Iraq War Logs were posted on the site because: The general public was not the only group that had access to the information, but any and all of the United States enemies had access to that information. The information that was posted to WikiLeaks exposed our US military and caused a greater risk to the troops. The missions that were going on in Afghanistan and Iraq at that time were compromised by the release of that information. The release documents casted a negative light on the mission that the US was trying to accomplish.
National security was also significantly impacted by WikiLeaks from a counterintelligence standpoint as well. When the War logs were posted on WikiLeaks it completely undermined the US in terms of keeping sensitive information secure. There was no time for counterintelligence agencies to act at that time and not much they could do counteract. It would be safe to assume that they were more focused on trying determine what outside source had gained access to the information and they never would have expected the leaking of those documents were due to an inside job.

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