Social Stratification Essay

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Social Stratification

A person's class status can be harder to identify than race or ethnic differences. However, I believe class status is an important indicator of what kind of opportunities lie ahead for people in various class systems, although, I don't necessarily agree with the current class structure. Class places people into a type of structure which goes against the principal belief 'that in America all are created equal,' or that even the poorest child can become President some day if he or she applies him/her self. I agree with the argument of Mantsios and Fussell that social class remains largely invisible because our society doesn't want to believe that poverty exists in America. If Americans acknowledged poverty, then
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Education is one big advantage to unlocking many doors throughout life, and most people beneath the middle class structure don?t have this advantage. This too, can create a ripple effect within its structure which is: unemployment, drugs and alcohol abuse, physical/sexual abuse, homelessness. The remainder of society doesn?t want to hear how poverty can cause tragedy even to the point of one taking one?s own life and the life of their child. What kind of society do we live in that death is the only alternative to poverty? One that wants to keep poverty hidden from the rest of the world hoping it will go away.

The Catholic church is no exception to ?living high on the hog.? We see some of its leaders living in the poshness of society and rubbing elbows with its elite. Even the affluent have their effects on the church (as stated in the following article). Have Catholics no shame? We are only too human when it comes to wanting the best society has to offer. Fortunately, most religious believe in living a simple lifestyle which includes living in common with their brothers or sisters and working among the poor. Religious will never be poor according to society?s definition of poor because community meets all of their needs. When we speak of poverty in religious life, we are referring to gospel poverty, not material poverty. They ask us to live simple lives, own no property, and share everything in common with other members. Gospel

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