Software Development Life Cycle: Insource vs Outsource Essay

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Software Development Life Cycle: Insource vs Outsource After hearing the hype and realizing the alluring advantages of outsourcing, many companies are weighing the options of outsourcing vs insourcing when developing a software application. Software development requires intricate planning, skilled implementation, and thorough testing. Understanding the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) is important in order to track project progress throughout the software development whether this task remains in house or is outsourced overseas. This executive summary will first outline the eight steps of SDLC and then offer some suggestions about what to consider when deciding to outsource ACME Media’s CRM software or keep this development in …show more content…
Below is a diagram from ScienceSoft, a professional software development company, which outlines these eight steps. (Retrieved from Feasibility: The first part of initiating an application development project is to make sure the project is feasible. “A feasibility study is important because it drives the development of your project proposal, which can be presented to senior management to gain their commitment to the project and to obtain project funding.” (Ambler, 2010) If resources are available internally then the application would be feasible to keep within the company. However, if the expertise is not on hand or have other priorities then it would be more practical to outsource the project.
Obtaining requirements is one of the most difficult tasks project managers face when developing an application. Misunderstandings always tend to happen whether everyone is in the same building or across the world. Personal agendas, conflicts about roles and priorities, and availability worsen the situation. While there are many underlying reasons for this rework, dealing with a group of multi-cultural business customers and/or project team members can create significant hurdles. (Larson, 2011) Here are some of the challenges Larson mentions in his article Projects without Borders.
1) Physical distance of stakeholders

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