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“Team Spirit” by Brittany Hudson discusses how to motivate your staff who remains employed after a lay off. Four guidelines on how to maintain team spirit include transparency, organizational goals, employees’ skill set, and employee appreciation. Maintain transparency through communication with your team. Share the organizations goals and have employees contribute on reaching these goals. Assess your new team of employees to ensure staff is utilized to their greatest potential. Share with staff how they are assets to the organization.
“Team Spirit” is an article that supports my thesis. The article recognizes that after lay offs, stress exists with the employees who continue working with the organization. The employees’ fear of not
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Those directors who remain with NMG may be fearful of their future therefore attempting to do more than their job scope to prove they can. This behavior may exist since the operating director continue to be fearful of an additional staff reduction.

“Where is Your Organization Going” focuses how leaders can support their organization to adapt to changes in the health care industry. Leaders should acknowledge the various components which may impact health care trends. Author, Ken Fisher stated the payor mix will shift in the upcoming years due to the large increase of Medicare patients. Medicare patients will increase due to the baby boomers approaching sixty-five. A health care leader must provide the ability to change his course as the healthcare industry shifts. What was in the past, may not be a good plan the past, may not be a good plan for the organization’s future. Leaders should consider asking difficult questions and when identifying answers, they should be open to creative solutions. It is inevitable that change in the health care industry is on the horizon. Being a strong leader consists of being prepared and having foresight to the upcoming changes.
This article supports my paper by identifying health care organizations that are evolving. Fisher discusses in the article that joining a large organization was once the desired path where now perhaps this may not benefit the organization or the private practice. For

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