Stem Cell Therapies Essay

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The world is experiencing change while the medical field is advancing day by day. Not only scientists, but also physicians are discovering treatments to diseases and shortcuts that are leaving the world in complete and utter shock. One rising topic is stem cell research and it’s therapies. Stem cells are an incredible discovery to the medical field because of their inexplicable capabilities. For all we know, in about ten years these microscopic “life savers” could be the cure for the world’s most fatal diseases. Right now these cells are being used as variables in experiments that involve repairing damaged tissue and organs. Experts are convinced that stem cells could potentially be injected into certain organs that have gone through …show more content…
St.Judes Childrens Hospital supports and carries data for International Bone Marrow Registry (IBMTR) and Autologous Bone Marrow Transplant Registry (ABMTR) due to the high conductivity of therapies and trials for stem cell transplantation. Like Leukemia, thousands of people have experienced spinal cord injuries that have put a strain on their daily life, leaving most paralyzed from the site of injury to below. Routine studies have wallowed over a way to use stem cells as a therapeutic mechanism for this severe injury. A study conducted by Masaya Nakamura from Kelo University School of Medicine explores this possibility. He explains that ,”If adult somatic cells, such as blood cells or skin fibroblasts, can be converted into NS/PCs via iPS cells for transplantation into injured spinal cord, the aforementioned problems, such as ethical issues and rejection in transplantation, could be circumvented”(Nakamura). There seems to be hope that if adult somatic cells such as blood cells can be converted into induced pluripotent cells then this process can take the place of neural tissue that was lost due to the injury. Researchers are confident that these cells can change the way we deal with quadriplegic and paraplegic patients. “Dr. Ronald McKay, a stem cell researcher at the National institute of Health, has shown that a mouse ES cells can repair some neural damage when injected into rats, but whether stem cells will be able to

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