Stephen L. Carter´s Just Be Nice Essays

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After reading the article, “Just Be Nice,” by Stephen L. Carter, and then considering responses to the questions posed for this assignment I was left somewhat stunted. Exactly what audience did the author intend to reach? What was his purpose? However, the next question stands out as being the main culprit in this writer’s dilemma, because it appears to lead the student down a road that, at the least, assumes that Carter had effectively made his point and that the article works. So then, the response to the later must be formed in a question as well, “Effective as what, and works for whom?” Finally, the assignment requires examples to be cited that indicate how and why the article works. I would think especially after conducting a broad …show more content…
Carter indicts schools for not teaching students the finer points of etiquette. He provides his readers with what can only be stated as being an argument that is socially conservative by using sex education as the example of what has replaced deportment. In fact, he goes one further by making it seem that sex education is acceptable, only the curriculum is wrong. Nowhere in this argument do parents become a factor, which raises the question as to who is responsible for teaching social skills to America’s youth? If it doesn’t begin at home and is not reinforced by parents and caregivers, then how effective would teaching etiquette and manners be in school? Carter does indict, what was then, the modern parent for not allowing schools to discipline students. This is patently absurd and he should know better as an academic. Twenty-nine states continue to legally mead out corporal punishment (Dupper and Montgomery Dingus 243), so it would be imagined that within those states there must be a high degree of parental support for such practices.
Is the author’s writing effective? For some it is very effective. But there appears to be little evidence of this on the internet. Consider that Carter addresses

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