Stereotyping and Its Benefits Essay

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Imagine a gruesome monster with sharp fangs, puss dripping out of wounds covering his face, and wearing a shirt that suggest his favorite hobby is eating humans. These clues lead to the assumption that this beast is not the safest being to be around. This judgment could save a person’s life simply by using context clues. Every day, stereotyping and fitting people with certain profiles happens, and it is used to stop drug dealing, robbery and other basic crimes. It also is used to group together people to understand them more as a whole, and to make sense of what is seen.
One way to approach stereotyping is that it is comparable to looking at a movie poster. Assumptions are made based on the content of the poster, which helps people
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Should they greet them or avoid them? Punch them or hug them? Stereotypes are based off of and interpreted by our own ideas. This is what often leads to a wrong stereotype. People let other peoples rotten ideas infect their own minds and poison the independent thought by the original person.
The way we stereotype is also affected by many factors. Experiences influence our thoughts when dealing with a certain group. Women lead to “stereotype more negatively… (And) read into appearance more than men” (Stereotype,, studies have shown. This could be due to females having had more negative experiences after being typecast as subservient to men. They might feel the need to protect themselves more to make up for previous wrong serotypes. The way that women more commonly stereotype, based mostly upon appearance, does not credit to the benefits of stereotyping, it shows how it is only partially used and not used correctly. When stereotyping, a person should not only look at appearance, but how the person acts. Not seeing the full picture is how people misinterpret each other. Also accounting for the motives of a subject’s actions must be involved when properly judging a person. The actions done are based on the person’s way of thinking and cannot be determined just by what a person is wearing.
Stereotypes are not all about telling a

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