Stevenson's Use of Setting in The Strange Case of Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

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Stevenson's Use of Setting in The Strange Case of Doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

"The strange case of doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde" was written by Robert Louis Stevenson in 1885. The story is set in the late nineteenth century in central London. At the time London was a dark place, were a series of gruesome crimes had taken place, although it was the largest city and richest in the entire world, it contained extremes of wealth and poverty, it was almost as if there was a dividing line, as if was London two different worlds in one city. One side was wealthy and the residents were well mannered, the other side was dirty and mucky, Stevenson used this to help us understand the idea of one person with two
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This links with Jekyll and Hyde as Jekyll is secretive about him changing into Hyde in the story and Hyde keeps himself to himself and nobody really knows him.

The door helps to understand the characters more, for example the door is mainly linked to Hyde and his like his character. The door is mysterious and run down, it doesn't fit in with the atmosphere and Hyde is described as evil and deformed, practically same description as the door. Also I think Stevenson is also trying to show the contrast between good and evil to link with doctor Jekyll and Mr. Hyde because the door is on one side of the house and it is the only part of the house which is run down. The rest of the house is clean and well looked, this shows the opposite sides.

Stevenson use similes and personification in chapter 12 for example it says "like a fire in a forest" this is a simile showing it stands out he also says "like rows of smiling saleswomen" , this is another positive simile which is used, this is also showing the area stands out, but there is also negative descriptions used for example to describe there door " sinister block of building" and "thrust forward" this is contrasting negative and positive within one area, in a close space as thrust forward is a aggressive personification,

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