Essay about Stigma Against Transgender People

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A transgender person is someone that makes the decision of their gender identity and it doesn’t match what that person was born with. Transgender people usually feel like they are trapped, living inside the wrong body. In today’s society, being transgender can mean being different and unique because they won’t care what other people think of them. On the other hand, it could also be considered as having a mental disorder to others. According to many surveys taken by transgenders, many of them experience discrimination, unfairness, and sometimes violence. Discrimination towards transgender people continues to happen almost everywhere they go: school, work, and even in public. Transgender lives can be different from one another depending on …show more content…
The student is a female at birth but was identified as a boy at a young age and during school, was harassed by other students because of his image. In fifth grade, he started his transition into a boy by changing his clothes and hairstyle, using male pronouns instead of female pronouns, and of course, using a male first name. His parents immediately notified the teacher, who quickly adjusted to the change and the other students also. Once the word got out, parents complained about the situation and the “solution” was to ban the transgender student from using male restrooms and male locker rooms. His transition limited what he could do during school and school activities. If school districts discriminated against a transgender student, they would be violating a federal law. Finally, they made changes to make transgender students’ lives at school less stressful and more about school. They considered two different titles: Title IX bans discrimination based on sex in education and Title VII states “federal law prohibiting sex discrimination, to discrimination against transgender individuals based on sex including nonconformity with sex stereotypes and gender identity.” By using these, the Education Department finally agreed to a solution to prevent discrimination in schools:
‘Gender-based discrimination’ is a form

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