Essay on Stripping and Re-Finishing a Tile Floor

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This is a systematic paper on how to strip and re-finish tile floors. Caring for tile floors is not as simple as sweeping and mopping. They must be stripped and refinished every six months to ensure it remains looking its best. The steps include preparation of the supplies. Then there is the preparation of the floor. The next step is stripping the floor. The next step is laying the sealer and finally laying the finish. By following these instructions, the floor will look newer, longer, and with a high gloss shine.
Stripping re-finishing a tile floor
If you have tile floors in your home or office, you probably mop them on a regular basis. However, people may not know who is that tile floors require more care than
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More does not mean better in this case. Barricade the area off with safety tape that reads, "Do not enter". This is so nobody accidentally enters the work zone. Have all your supplies ready to go and easily accessible.
Additionally, before stripping off the old finish, the floor must be prepared. Thoroughly sweep the floor to remove loose debris. Take a scrapper and remove anything that is stuck to the floor such as gum or stickers. Also, use the scrapper to remove any dirt buildup in the corners and along the edges of the floor. If baseboards are present and have finish buildup on them, now would be the time to remove old finish and clean baseboards. Once the floor has been prepared, it is time to start stripping.
In addition, stripping off the old finish can be dirty and dangerous. Take extra caution during this step. The stripping process is turning a solid back into a liquid by means of emulsifying the finish. Using a mop and the stripper solution, apply a generous coat of stripper to the floor. Do not wet down a large area because it is important that the stripper does not dry during this step. Make sure you cover the whole area with stripper. The floor will become very slick. Use extreme caution when walking back onto the floor. Let the stripper set on the floor for five minutes. Using the stripper mop, reapply a small layer of stripper on the floor. Doing this will ensure complete coverage and

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