Stylized Images of Women in Society Essay

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Stylized Images of Women in Society

Throughout time, the images of women have changed. Society would like to believe that we now are in a position to say that we live in a society of gender equality. That would be ideal, but that is far from accomplished as of yet. Mass media, such as television, movies, and magazines, not only impact the men who view them, but they also impact the women who view them. Fashion magazines are most notorious for the ways that they portray women. I chose a variety of fashion magazines, W, Allure, Elle, and Cosmopolitan (British Edition) to illustrate how women are portrayed to society.

Most of the advertisements with men and women found in all of the magazines held the same connotations. In W
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The women in these pictures are unnaturally skinny. They look as if they have been in hunger camps. The fact that these women look emaciated gives way to the idea that since these women appear to be hungry and will easily be taken by a man. Their hunger makes them more vulnerable. Also, how skinny the women are, give reinforcement to the idea that when men put on weight and age it is okay, but when women put on weight and age it is looked down upon by society (Jibou, Curry, and Schwirian).

In W, there is an Opium (perfume) advertisement. The woman is totally nude wearing spiked stilettos, heavy makeup, and diamond jewelry. She is holding her breast in her hand. The use of high heeled shoes is used as a way for men to have power over women (Jibou lecture). The high heel is seen as a way to make women weak and vulnerable to men. Yves Saint Laurent (company that makes Opium) did not put clothes on the woman, but did put spiked stiletto heels on her. The high heel is sexually appealing to men (Jibou lecture). Therefore having a totally nude woman, lying on her back sprawled out with her eyes closed, touching herself, and in stiletto heels, is an image that seems as if she is just waiting to be taken by a man.

The advertisements that were the most demeaning to women that portrayed them as submissive sex objects were from Fendi. The woman is portrayed as a bound sex slave under the control of someone

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