Super Natural Horror Movie: The Conjuring Essay

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Last year of 2013 my friends and I went to the cinema to watch one of the most scariest movies called "The Conjuring". The movie, The Conjuring is an American, supernatural horror film based on a family who experienced increasingly disturbing events in their farmhouse. Prior to watching this film it provided information on the type of content and material that was going to be present in the movie. For example, religion became a primary factor affected because it dealt with supernatural power, christianity, and faith. However, for people that werenon- believers and believers they were still enthused to watch the movie but, the censorship helped alarm viewers of the content shown. In many cases viewers prefer having trigger warning …show more content…
In addition with people that suffered from abuse, domestic violence, and etc. I remeber in high school when my teacher was showing my class a video on the ending results of gun violence and crime at that time my cousin had just passed away and it brought back terrible flashbacks in my mind. Unfortunately I was not warned about what was going to be shown and it did have an negative impact on me. I do believe that trigger warnings can be of good use in some of the graphics such as concepts of murder religion, abortions, and discrimination. Personally because these are controversial topics that contain issues either to prior experience or exposure to it. The main reason why I stated that some should be trigger warning and others should not because I am a reader that enjoys the thrill, the excitement, the climax of story with some pictures or video being played without the trigger warning. Yes we do need trigger warnings on certain things but not on every small things because as stated from Greg Lukianoff, president of the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education, a nonprofit group that advocates free speech,“Frankly it seems this is sort of an inevitable movement toward people increasingly expecting physical comfort and intellectual comfort in their lives It is only going to get harder to teach people that there is a real important and serious value to being

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