Survival Technology Essay

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Survival Technology

Arnold Pacey's book, Technology in World Civilization: A Thousand Year
History argues that survival technology, the technology of production of food and other basic necessities, is dependent on the local environment and requires local solutions rather than solutions dictated by "technologically superior" scientists from other areas. Every culture has had a long experience with the environment they live in and have developed ways to make food and other basic necessities. When outsiders with advanced technology interfere without taking input from the natives they can cause more damage then they solve.

One of the most basic principles of survival technology is that the most advanced solution is not
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Also tractor's are more expensive than standard farm tools and would become a major drain of resources of the standard farmer. Also in Africa the type of farming performed would become impossible with tractors.

In certain areas of Africa multistory farming is performed where crops are intermixed with trees that were not cut and fruit trees that were planted with the crops. Another method of African farming is intercropping where a mixture of complementary crops are grown in a field.(2) In situations like these tractors would prove less than useful as there are no single large areas where one crop is grown. Anybody trying to solve the problems of survival in
Africa by using the advanced technology of tractors is going to accomplish less than if they went about it in a different way.

African farmers also came into trouble when Europeans tried to force the farmers to move from multistory intercropping to monocropping that the
Europeans used where they filled a large area with just one crop. The technique of monocropping served the Europeans well in Europe and North America and they assumed that it would work equally well in Africa. The problem with
European monocropping is that for large periods of time during ploughing and sowing the ground has no vegetable cover and erosion and leaching result.(3)
This is more of a problem in areas without the best soil to begin

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