Sydney Tar Ponds Essay

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In 1901, an Boston based invertor group opened up a steel mill on the southeast side of Sydney harbor in Sydney, Nova Scotia. This mill was named DISCO, or Dominion Iron and Steel Company Limited, which was ultimately a subsidiary of DOMCO, or the Dominion Coal Company Limited. DOMCO coal was mined in Dominion, near Glace Bay and was used to make coke. Coke is a hard, grey, porous material, man-made from the coal and is used to fuel the blast furnaces for smelting the iron ore. (Coke (fuel), 2012) DOMCO along with DISCO merged with the Nova Scotia Steel and Coal Company or SCOTIA to from the British Empire Steel Corporation or BESCO in 1920. The company soon reorganized and in 1930 under the name Dominion Steel and Coal Corporation or …show more content…
Later that year on December 1st the Sydney Steel Corporation or SYSCO was created by the provincial government to run the mill until they could sell it to another private enterprise. The following year the provincial government expropriated the coal mines mill and the railway system for a total of $12 million. The plans to shut down the mill were changed in the 1970’s due to the rise of energy prices and a shift in political priorities. This changed the one year commitment by the provincial government turned into a 33-year commitment costing the government over $1 billion dollars. (Sydney Steel Corporation, 29) (Tar ponds timeline, 2007)

It wasn’t until the late 1980’s that they decided to modernize the plant from using the oxygen blasting, which uses the coke to a method that uses an electric system. Throughout the 1990’s numerous proposal offers came to buy the mill, but nothing ever came from any of the offers ever made it through due diligence. This went on until 1999 when the Progressive Conservative government led by John Hamm announced that they were going to cut funding from the mill. In July 2001, they announced that the mill was being sold to an Indian company by the name of Zoom Enterprise, who despite protests from workers dismantled the plant and shipped the assets overseas. (Sydney Steel

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