Technology Advances for Business Essay

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I. Introduction
In today’s modern world, technology changes day by day. Without the use of appropriate and most modern technologies, businesses are not able to persist or sustain long. In order to develop a human resource department that is efficient, effective, and most up to date, there are certain technologies which have been introduced and are imperative for an organization to possess. The HRIS or Human Resource Information System is one of these technologies in which have been established and is a necessity for a business to have possession of. According to Chauhan, Sharma, & Tyagi (2011), “a human resources information system (HRIS) is the integration of software, hardware, support functions and system policies and procedures into an
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II. Background & History
Historically, human resource information has been viewed as a necessary tool in the day to day functions of an organization (Kovach et al., 2002). Though this idea remains valid today, the way that the human resource information is accumulated and saved has significantly changed over time.
Prior to World War II when technology was not widely utilized in the workplace, HR professionals performed basic record keeping in order to maintain employee records (Sadiq et al., 2012). Individuals seeking employment were required to complete a paper application to be submitted to a potential employer. The application would include general information about the prospective candidate such as name, sex, gender, age, address, employment history, and education. An HR associate would then store this information into a folder to be retrieved when needed. After the individual was hired, the application and information was provided to the finance department for payroll purposes, while remaining information was used within the HR department to track hiring and recruitment practices. As time progressed, additional information such as benefits, promotions, trainings, and

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