Tension in A View from the Bridge Essay

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The scene takes place in the Carbone living room; you can tell they have just finished a family meal because Beatrice and Catherine are clearing up the table. At first the atmosphere is relaxed and calm, they are talking about normal things, ‘They went to Africa once.’ Then the tension rises, ‘I know lemons are green for Christ’s sake!’ This is between Eddie and Rodolpho. Eddie gets upset and angry when he’s wrong and especially when the person who gets it right is Rodolpho. Eddie doesn’t like it when he’s challenged and he hates it every time Rodolpho speaks. Beatrice, the ‘peacemaker’, tries to stop any bad things from taking place and diverts the conversation, ‘Your wife is gettin’ the money alright, Marco,’ by butting in.
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Marco stutters as he replies to Eddie’s comment, ‘No...no,’ as if to say he’s unsure about his wife, but then thinks about it and carries on and says his wife will stay truthful to him, ‘The women wait.’ Marco is a bit wound up about that comment, but doesn’t show it. Having insulted Marco the tension rises higher but it is now between Eddie and Rodolpho again. Rodolpho says, ‘It’s more strict in our town. It’s not so free’, this gets Eddie quite angry, ‘Eddie rises, paces up and down.’ The audience can sense he’s trying to control himself and calm down before he does anything bad to anyone. He might also stand up to show his authority and status, to show that he must be respected and not challenged. ‘It might be a little more free here, but it’s just as strict.’ Here Eddie is trying to say that Rodolpho should have asked his permission before he took Catherine out first, but we all know even if he did ask him he would have said no anyway. He is also saying that America isn’t very different from Italy when it comes to taking girls out; basically he is giving Rodolpho a warning. Beatrice notices an awkwardness in Eddie towards Catherine and has had enough, ‘Well, be an uncle then,’ it had gotten that bad that she just had to say something to Eddie in public. Being the head of the house we already know he does not want to be talked to like that, especially by his wife and now in front of others.

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