Essay on The Absent Father

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Parenting is an oddly cold, even generic, word. It is perhaps the product of a politically correct world, meant to encompass both "mothering" and "fathering (Grant)". Single parent means a person who has a dependent child or dependent children and who is widowed, divorced, or unmarried ("Single Parent."). The disruption of families has a harmful effect on the children. Single parenting is gradually taking over our society in terms of marriage. Single parenting has produced successful individuals but that does not mean they are not facing problems that needs the help of the society. Single parenting can have both negative and positive influence on the development of a child depending on the parent involved. Parenting is meant to be a …show more content…
Some of these children are bullied and called names like asshole, faggot, nut head and many more by friends they seek attention from which can be in school or on social networks. If parents do not create time to know what goes on in the lives of children like these, the parents might end up losing them to drugs, alcohol or worst still, suicide.
In our society, we are quick to judging people. People who become gay or lesbians are not biologically created for that kind of lifestyle. Their sense of thinking has been tampered with as a result of the upbringing they received. The existence of both parents in the lives of children helps a lot in their development. Each gender needs a role model who carries out the same gender role as him or her. Some become gay or lesbians not because they chose to be when they were born but because of the gender they grew up with and the role they learnt. A child tends to emulate the gender he or she resembles; that is why mother-daughter and father-son relationship are very important than a father-daughter relationship or vice-versa. Not that a father-daughter relationship and mother-son relationship is not also important. In the case of a male child, if a male figure, which is the father, is not available, the child tends to emulate the mother by taking up what is expected to be a female role by society. A male child whose grand-mother dresses him up like a female will grow into that because he is already comfortable with

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