Essay The Beatles Experimental Influence With Indian Music

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In the earlier stages of their career and success, The Beatles were established as a pop rock group within the world of music. Despite the fact that this was their marker of sound, The Beatles were always thriving to experiment with their music and this showed that they had the power to diversify their sound. By broadening their horizons with Indian music, and culture it represented their development, growth, and eclectic ways with songwriting. Overall, it can be argued that the music and philosophy of India influenced The Beatles approach and exploration with songwriting through their experimentation with music. This can be viewed through the use of Indian instruments like the sitar, and incorporating Indian musical traditions and …show more content…
It maintains a unique tone within the song and it brings Indian qualities like the drone to the song, which extends the sound and represents a variety of new sounds. The notion that George Harrison can pick up a sitar and start playing it like a guitar reminisces his ability to incorporate Indian culture into The Beatles music with such authenticity. Now looking at the song ‘Tomorrow Never Knows’ it also contains an Indian feature such as the Tanpura drone that makes a buzzing tone. With this drone the bass plays the role of strengthening it all the way through the song. This song has been recognized as a successful melodic jump towards The Beatles music, because the lyrics and musical features reinforce The Beatles expanded sounds and their multicolored experience. Its signature sound lies in the spiritual voice, which is heard right at the beginning of the song and it makes it stand out, because it is reiterated as a unique voice. Indian philosophy, music and culture have been maintained through The Beatles by George Harrison’s interest and knowledge of it. This establishes

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