The Beginning of Video Game Consoles Essay

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The video game industry has grown very powerful over the last five decades due to gamming consoles. A new generation of gamming was created, taking games from arcades and putting them in one’s household. Although arcade games were a great hit, there were modifications that needed to be done to them to make them smaller and more compact. In 1967, German born Ralph Baer and some of his coworkers were the first to get an actual prototype to work on a regular home television. After the console, Magnavox Odyssey (1972), was released and made a big impact on the market, more and different companies and corporations released more systems with such specifications. Although the consoles had been a great hit, there was only one playable game in …show more content…
PONG was the most famous game in the arcade version, so they decided this to be the game these consoles would have. Games were built in the console due to small memory space. Form the beginning the first four consoles ever sold had the same game, PONG, but what made people buy this product were the “new graphics” the newer ones had. Of course there was a purpose behind all of this, for starters it was to make a profit, although companies would not say that, but what they did say was that this was to help families who couldn’t afford their children paying for arcade games every day. The purpose of creating portable gaming consoles was mainly to provide families with their own videogame console at their own home. Developers had many reason for developing this product including making money for their company. Of course they would say this was their main reason, but neither do most people. Another purpose was to give children the gift of their very own arcade game in the comfort of their home. Having this kind of technology back then was great but also expensive. The Magnavox Odyssey, the first console to hit the market, was sold at $100 dollar, though it might not sound like a lot now, back in ‘70s that was a generable amount of money to be spent on a single thing. Although these consoles were expensive, it didn’t meant that they were any better, it was just expensive because it was a new type of

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