Essay about The Catalyst that Changed Modern America

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There are many spurs who did not play basketball in San Antonio for the National Basketball Association against twenty nine other teams. Many of these humans chose to change the world due to their interest and not for wealth. Henry David Thoreau found even the most absurd things to grasp his attention, which was important to the ignorance of the people. Agitated about the government, he wanted to see the correct behavior and the goodness of human character. Thoreau also stressed the concern to stand out and alone. If you only had a few to agree with your values and principles then keep them around to fight beside you. The observations brought to sight by Thoreau made him very unpopular due to the subject he spoke on. He also wanted …show more content…
The servicemen of the standing army are victims because they have to follow directions or deal with the consequences. According to Chicken Man, “Don’t never get between a man and his woman” (McBride 115), similar to the government and their decisions. Thoreau believed that people should stand on moral grounds. Each person has a conscience, and he or she should listen to God that stand on the right side of their shoulders, rather than the devil that gets them left. Children follow the precepts of their parents through observations, physical cooperation, and communication. Be a committee of one. It does not take a large amount of people to change the world. Most males and females in history were singled out because they were the only ones who did it. When a person does something, he or she should see himself or herself in it. Stand up to the wrong of the world even if this makes you unpopular towards society. Many people will follow the trend, and if they see you changing directions, they will look at you as an outcast. Thoreau believed in being unwelcomed and standing alone. He loved isolation and not the kind that involves a pick from other players. As stated by Filip Reyntjens, it is “difficult for outsiders to comprehend and to apprehend” (1). For the people who stand along will gain more advantages as well. They understand who really is pro them and can easily detect the cons better than

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