Essay about The Change in the Music Industry

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The limitless access to music makes it easy to forget that people's careers rely on the profit behind every song. A profit that is continually shrinking, something that is forcing companies to re-think the way they get music to us, the fans. This will affect everyone who has the slightest interest in music. Some for the worse, but many for the better.


Earlier this year (DATE???) alt-rockers Cake topped the Billboard 200 chart with their first album in seven (???) years, Showroom of Compassion. The album sold 44,000 copies the first week of its release, a record low for the number one hit. At the same time, Britney Spears' single “Hold It Against Me” scaled the digital song chart with 411,000 copies sold. The
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The Internet has changed that dynamic dramatically.

MySpace, once intended to compete against Facebook, has become one of the biggest sites to discover upcoming bands. It's almost a prerequisite to start a MySpace page as soon as a band comes up with a good name. The service lets bands set up a free page, complete with music videos and biography. Bands can set up tour dates and link places where fans can buy their goods. Myspace, along with YouTube, has made it a lot easier for a band with a lot of hooks but not a lot of money to reach an incredibly wide area of potential fans. Although they do have drawbacks; Justin Bieber started out as a YouTube sensation.

This virtually free distribution network means that bands can spread their music without spending a dime, and it reaches an audience bigger than most bands could dream of finding through traditional methods. Of course, this does not guarantee instant fame and stardom, but it makes it a lot easier for bands to try.

Aside from putting music on the Internet, technology has given bands many different ways to interact with their fans. Radiohead decided to let people name the price of their 2007 album “In Rainbows”. This year, the band Middle Brother developed an iPhone application that lets fans download new songs and wall-papers, as well as watch videos posted by the band, all for free. This helps artists forge a much closer

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