The Character of Christopher in the Curious Incident of Dog in Midnight

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In this essay, I shall be analysing the autistic protagonist Christopher, from Mark Haddon book, the Curious Incident of Dog in Midnight (2003). It will look at Christopher’s inability to understand people’s emotions, reactions, and behaviour. Christopher demonstrated a list of features that may suggest the signs of Asperger’s syndrome (ASD) in this essay I shall also highlight the events, that occurs in Christopher’s life while investigating the mysterious death of his neighbour’s dog. Whilst, unfolding this event, he faced with, multiple challenges and how his needs were shaped accordingly, by these events. I shall also associate and refer work of different educational psychologists towards the protagonist.
Throughout in Mark Haddon
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Therefore it is the ego's job to satisfy the id's impulses(behaviour may effect needs); According to Freud (1923) Christopher’s id was governed only by the most basic primitive principle of mental dynamic, i.e. avoidance of the un pleasant caused by instinctual tension. This reflects in the book, when Christopher refers to his emotions after seeing dog dead by the sad face Siobhan had drawn for him.

Many of Christopher’s reactions and behaviour in this book shows similarities to emotionally illiterate person because he has difficulty understanding the emotions and feelings of others. When his father wants to hug, they just touch fingertips because he does not like to be touched. He is unaware how to think about others feelings such as Siobhan, who is Christopher’s SEN mentor, draws different faces for Christopher to express his feelings i.e. happy, sad, angry, and confused and Christopher keeps in his pocket to refer to, when he does not understand others “I find people confusing.”

According to Bowlby (1988) this suggests, that attachment is an emotional bond to other person. In his view, the propensity to make strong emotional bonds to a particular individual is a basic component. Ainsworth (1978) defines an early bond of the child with his caregiver has a tremendous impact on his life and develops sense of security. When a child is attached with his caregiver, he feels a special sense of security and comfort in their presence, and they use this

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