The Christo Aparecido Essay examples

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The study of religion is often a rigorous process because the central tenets of the subject: image, ritual, and myth are often copious in their complexity. For example, consider the multiple meanings that are inherent in the image of a crucifix. Some Christians might view it as an image of suffering, whilst others would reject that notion and instead perceive it to be one of love. These differences may seem inconsequential at first, but they can overtime shape the beliefs of an individual and by extension a community. To understand this dynamic better one only has to analyze the Christo Aparecido (Christ Appeared), an authentic Mexican crucifix with a fascinating history from the colonial era to the present. This history is made known by …show more content…
Jesus' procession into Jerusalem was a confirmation of sorts according to the myth of the Jewish messiah in the same way that the Christo's arrival into Mexico City. During the procession the Christo affirms its divinity by the way it, “blessed those who gathered in his honor with his first signs of animate life, offering the crowd gestures of benediction and other signs of vitality and divine presence.” (P.84). Throughout the parade the Christo continues to perform miraculous acts of the divine with “tears of perspiration” and giving blessing by movements of its arms (P. 91). A a consequence of these acts by the Christo accomplished two significant things for itself and its devotees. First, it establishes that, “the Christo's perspiration, his glowing skin, suddenly corpulent form, and gesture of benediction were signs of divine presence but, just as importantly also evidence of human life.” (P. 92). As a result, the Christo becomes an “imagen de vestir” where upon its “agonizingly realistic” characteristics allow for life to flow into the image (P. 93). Secondly, because, “the image acknowledged, blessed them, recognized them.”, the Christo is able to build a relationship with its devotees by “making himself available to the people of Mexico City.” (P. 93-94). For the faithful it is latter point that makes it easy to believe in the Christo. With the ritual bearing relatively benign miracles, building a veil of myth for the image, the

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