The Consequences of Hurricane Charley Essay

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Hurricane Charley was a hurricane that occurred during the 2004 Atlantic hurricane season. In the United States Hurricane Charley first impacted the state of Florida. “Hurricane Charley made landfall on the southwest coast of Florida new Cayo Costa, just west of Ft. Myers around 3:45 p.m. EDT on August 13, with maximum sustained surface winds near 150 mph.” (Johnson) Hurricane Charley continued to travel across the Florida peninsula. Hurricane Charley traveled into the Atlantic Ocean and turned towards the north and again made landfall in north western South Carolina. Hurricane Charley passed over North Carolina and Virginia before moving back over the Atlantic Ocean and traveling into the North East United States. Emergency …show more content…
The economic loss from the loss of tourism can be quite large sums of money. Agriculture was also devastated by Hurricane Charley. “The Department of Agriculture quickly estimated losses of at least $150 million for Florida’s citrus crop …” (Treaster) Agriculture and tourism are two of Florida’s top income producing industries. Hurricane Charley as other hurricanes have in the past had a tremendous economical from the loss of tourism income and the loss of agriculture from the crops being damaged in the storm. Donations and volunteer management can be a challenge for emergency managers everywhere. After a disaster strikes, many people are eager to provide some sort of assistance, whether it be physical help, monetary donations, or donations of goods. Florida Emergency Management had learned many lessons from past hurricanes that have hit Florida. The state had previously set up the website to assist with donation management across the state. Early on a message was sent by Florida Emergency Management Officials about volunteering and donations management. “Emergency management officials on Saturday afternoon sent a clear message to people who want to help Hurricane Charley survivors. Don’t just show up. Confirm there is a job to do before you leave.” (Kim) Donation messages were also sent out indicating that, “The best way to help is to make a cash donation to your denomination’s disaster

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