The Cosmetic Industry in Asia Essay

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Most people have a desire of being beautiful. Both men and women want to look beautiful. Some people are naturally good looking or have perfect skin. Otherwise, there are people who struggle to satisfy their desire to be beautiful. That is the reason why cosmetics were invented, and from here the cosmetics industry is growing, developing non-stop until there is no one in this world who wants to enhance his or her appearance. Because cosmetics industry is considered as an important industry in the global economy it is necessary to know a little bit about cosmetics history, some economic concepts about cosmetics industry, and finally, the future of cosmetics industry in Asia market. First of all, people need to be
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There are some economic concepts included in the cosmetics industry. Beauty and personal care has been traditionally known as a woman’s best friend, but nowadays, an increasing number of males using makeups increase the demand from cosmetics industry. Not only women but also men are protecting their skin by using beauty products. The other factor contributes to the increasing demand in the cosmetics market is the rising of the middle class. According to author Linda Yueh, the estimation was made to describe the development of worldwide middle class (Table 1). In addition, shopping online really plays a role in cosmetics industry. Many offerings that are only available online, and more attractive advertising online get more attention from consumers. Shoppers can shop in their countries or they can shop in other countries through companies’ websites. As the result, many companies that sell their cosmetics products online get more profit, and business grow bigger from here.
Table1: Global Middle-class rising
2009 2020 2030
1.8 billion people 3.2 billion people 4.9billion people

Moreover, despite of the general economic downturn, cosmetics industry continues to create more jobs. In fact, the number of unemployed would be decrease, and the number of employed would be increase due to available jobs in the cosmetics industry. For students who are majoring in business, they have more opportunities to get jobs in cosmetics field. A lot of big

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