The Dangers of Fear Essay

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The Dangers of Fear Irish Playwright, George Bernard Shaw, once said, “The worst sin toward our fellow creatures is not to hate them, but to be indifferent to them; that's the essence of inhumanity.” Inhumanity is mankind’s worse attribute. Every so often, ordinary humans are driven to the point were they have no choice but to think of themselves. One of the most famous example used today is the Holocaust. Elie Wiesel’s memoir Night demonstrates how fear is a debilitating force that causes people to lose sight of who they once were. After being forced into concentration camps, Elie was rudely awakened into reality. Traumatizing incidents such as Nazi persecution or even the mistreatment among fellow prisoners pushed Elie to realize the …show more content…
Elie could not believe that such a powerful, omniscient God could allow such cruelty. One particular day, Elie had to witness a traumatic episode where an innocent child slowly suffered an unpleasant death. At this point, to Elie, God is “hanging from the gallows” (65). Elie had officially lost faith in God; this idea would have been preposterous in the beginning, but after the life-changing experiences Elie undergoes, anything is possible. The brutality exhibited in the concentration camps forced prisoners to choose between death and survival. This led them to neglect significant priorities such as close relationships or special bonds.
Throughout the memoir, many father-son bonds were put to the test and, unfortunately, not all survived. One of these relationships were Rabbi Eliahu and his son. During the twenty kilometer death march, Rabbi Eliahu had lost his beloved son, yet in reality, his son “believed that this separation [would] set him [free] of a burden that could diminish his own chance for survival” (91). The Nazi's manipulated and deceived the prisoners into thinking that independence was a better choice. Instead of reassuring each other, the Jews began to believe that loved ones were an encumbrance; this delusion led them to renounce what was once their only motivation to live. This was not the only broken bond.The few that had survived were packed into wagons like cargo: hostile and animal-like. Starving from such little amounts of food

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