Essay The Death of Mexico

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The Death of Mexico


It is a part of human nature to sometimes lack a sense of identity and often feel like there is something missing, and it becomes a need for some people to try to find their true selves. Certain individuals attempt to become new people by changing their ways, abandoning their old traditions, customs, and beliefs, and seeking acceptance from a new crowd or community, and it is not unusual for such individuals to be subjected to profiling and have to deal with stereotypes that presume disloyalty to their own people and culture.


Countries and entire civilizations have gone through a series of political, religious, and cultural changes, and the population has had the need or has been
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Malinche was born in 1500, the daughter of wealthy parents, and according to legend, was born a princess, and in time, given her wealthy status, she was allowed to be educated. In her youth, her father died and her mother remarried. Becoming an inconvenient and unwanted child, Malinche was given to strangers by her own mother and was forced to live as a slave, and it was during this time that she learned several Indian dialects including Nahuatl and Mayan, and later Spanish. This extraordinary slave was given to Hernan Cortez in 1519, and, using her education and talents with languages, Malinche was able to prove her value to the conquistadors as a translator. She became one of Cortez's greatest assets and his intimate companion as well, always standing beside him, translating his words or issuing instructions of her own. Quite possibly, she was the key to the success of the Spaniards in convincing Indian nations to join them in the quest to destroy the great Aztec nation.


Through Malinche, the Mexican Indians of many tribes and civilizations were led to believe that the Catholic religion and the Spanish ways were the right path to follow, and she used her wide range of knowledge of traditional customs and culture to convince allied Indians that the destruction of their temples and gods was a good idea. The Spaniards and the Catholic Church had decided that the practice of

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