The Deaths of Simon and Piggy in The Lord of the Flies by Golding

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The Deaths of Simon and Piggy in The Lord of the Flies by Golding

Simon's death was not a complete accident. You could find excuses for his death and explain it as an accident but there are key people who began the process. The littluns who started the 'beast' or 'snake thing' craze are the main cause; none of them would listen to reason, now that they 'knew' that there was a beast on the island although the biguns tried to convince them otherwise:

"…There isn't a beast!"

Jack didn't help matters by saying:

"…But if there was a snake we'd hunt and kill it. We're going to hunt pigs to get meat for everybody. And we'll look for the snake too…"

This confirmed for the children that
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It came darkly, uncertainly…"

But even though it was too dark to see Simons face. They all heard Simon speak:

"…Simon was crying out something about a dead man on a hill." And beasts do not speak.

In defence of the children Simon was killed at night during a storm. Visibility might have been too poor to see exactly what it was that had just crawled out of the jungle. Earlier on Simon, in the middle of a fit, had a serious nosebleed and hadn't wiped the dried blood off his face. This certainly changed his face and probably made him look less human. They must have seen this creature with a large dark area on its face where its chin should have been. This mixed with a child's imagination at night and the shadows could easily have made Simon look like the beast had part of its face missing, an illusion.

"…The blood was dry around his mouth and chin…"

Simon was also crawling, or stumbling when he arrived on the beach, which made him look non-human, as the children know humans don't crawl.

However the truth is probably that the children had worked themselves into a group frenzy as a result of their fear of the beast so that even when they were close enough to Simon to see him properly they wouldn't stop. It was as though they had the thought of the beast fixed in

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