The Debate Over Multitasking and the Effects on Students Ability to Learn

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In a school environment being able to multitask is a very important skill that all students most obtain. The term multitasking is being able to do two things at once, and be successful at it that will benefit any college student. Often students will procrastinate papers, and other assignments to the last minute; that may include projects, homework, and papers. When college students are trying to balance a job, school work, and maintain a social life. The skill to multitask will assist balance any new or old college student, and will develop over time. A few points to consider of the argument about multitasking would include the effect on students’ lives, and learning environment. One could ask any older or younger college student about …show more content…
It is a must to have to complete most college classes in any learning environment. That can help them complete projects, and other homework assignments in an orderly matter. The students would be able to use the skill that they have been practicing thought-out the years to benefit the work place after college. In the debate over multitasking and the effects on students ability to learn. A point to consider is the students as a whole. Some may say the pressures of multitasking can significantly affect the students learning ability. An example would be from Pasher, Harrold Applied learning (Sep/Oct2013, Vol. 27 Issue 5, p593-599. 7p.) In this article students performed a test for being able to multitask and make an attempt to study at the same time. The students had to hold conversations, and try to complete the other task at hand. Also for another experiment, students had to listen to tapes, and recall information after the test was completed. The results from the study showed that students listening to audio tapes had different affects from other students. The effects of the experiment on the college students pressure to multitask shaped more trouble than the students that didn’t multitask. The troubles would include staying focus on the tasks that involved doing two things at once. They had to work harder to maintain a steady focus on an objective. In completion of

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