Essay about The Deportation of Hungarian Jews

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Imagine you are in a camp. Not just any camp, but a camp where you are forced to work all day. This is what was happening during the Holocaust. In 1930, Hungary fell under the Nazi party’s influence. In 1940, Hungary joined the Axis powers. Hungary started putting anti-Jewish laws and decrees into place. There were 825,000 Jews in Hungary in 1941. Germany wanted Hungary to deport Hungarian Jews. Hungary decided not to because of political reasons. They wanted to avoid direct involvement in the war. As the Allied forces gained control on the warfront, the Axis powers were starting to lose. Hungary tried to negotiate peace with the allies. The thing Germany did to stop Hungary from doing this is they occupied Hungary in 1944. In the May of …show more content…
Not only did different local collaborations help, Nazi experts were brought in. These experts were Otto Moll, Rudolf Höss, and Adolf Eichmann (Czech). On May 9, Höss announces what improvements will be made for the destruction of Hungarian Jews. “He orders that the expansion of the platform and the three-track rail connection in Birkenau be sped up; that the inactive cremation ovens in Crematorium V be put in operation; that next to this crematorium five pits (three large and two smaller ones) for the incineration of corpses be dug (Czech).” Not only will this happen, but Bunker 2 is used again, incineration trenches will be dug next to it, barracks will be built as disrobing rooms, and Otto Moll is promoted to Director of all crematoriums (Czech). They were expecting 12,000 to 14,000 daily arrivals of Jews from Hungary (Braham). “Eichmann plans to send four transports of Hungarian Jews per day to their

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