The Expectation of Marriage in Young New Couples Essay

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A couple is always dreaming about having a happy family and perfect future for their life after getting married. Culture and gender roles in developed as well as developing countries have been shifting in the last three decades. In some Asian countries, because of influences of Western cultures and improving economy, there are many women starting to work in order to support their families rather than staying home. Surprisingly, now men have to share family responsibilities with their wives in household chores and taking care children while women are working. Society has been updating and changing in many aspects that lead to change the expectation of marriage in ways of living, changing roles in financial independence and management and …show more content…
Moreover, the new life forces men and women to change their perspective about the expectations of marriage. Leading to the decision in new way of living, young married couple has been adapting to fit with improving economy and society even they changes their roles and expectations in which the husbands sometimes have to take care the children and do cooking at home, the wives go to work in order to support family. This is also the picture of Lisa and Rick’s family in the same article “Breadwinning Wives” (cited in Time Inc Health, Oct 2003). They choose their own lives, and they have to suffer their problems which are caused by shifting economy in the society. Lisa was supposed to be at home to take her children and family while Rick went to work. However, this is no longer happen in their lives, she has to work and become a breadwinner to support her family and her husband is staying at home to look after the children. In “Is Love a Luxury.”, Levine points that beginning a new lifestyle and resolve the conflicts in society are also a turning point for young couples to challenge them after spending time on love. “If love has completely disappeared from a marriage, I think it is probably best for the couple to make a clean break and start new lives."

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