The Golden Girls Essay

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The Golden Girls

     I am going to be writing about the lifetime television show, “ The Golden Girls”. There are many different episodes and I have probably seen them all, at least twice. I first started watching the show with my mom. My curfew when I was in high school was 11:00 or 11:30. While I was going into detail about the many things that had happened that night, “The Golden Girls” would be on. At first I did not enjoy them, but as I got to know the characters I was addicted.
     First, and most important there is Blanch Devereaux, played by Rue McClananan, born 1935, in Healdton, Oklahoma. She is the Southern Belle, and also, the homeowner. Blanch worries very much about her
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Getty was born 1923, in New York City. The in demand actress who played Sophia is actually younger than Bea Arthor, who portrayed Sophia’s daughter. On the set, Getty sat through several hours of makeup to create her old appearance. She is an older Italian woman and serves as the “girls” mother. Sophia always has a smart comment for anyone and everyone that comes in their home. Even though Sophia serves as the tormenter, late at night Dorothy, Blanch, and Rose always go to her for advice. She is a very knowledgeable woman about life experiences. Everyone should know someone like Sophia Patrillo.
     All the four women living in this Miami home seem to be best of friends. Their personalities fit well together. The plot of almost every show has a valuable lesson to be learned. To the Golden Girls, friendship seems to be the most important thing; it is almost like they are one big family. All of their husbands have passed on, and their kids have their own lives, with the exception of Sophia and Dorothy, I think they are very lucky to have each other.
     Now I will describe to you one of my favorite episodes: An attractive doctor catches the eye of both Dorothy and Blanch. When Sophia is in need of a doctor because of her high blood pressure, Dr. Clayton comes to call. He impresses both Dorothy and Blanch, but surprise surprise

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