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The Great Gatsby

In F. Scott Fitzgerald’s book The Great Gatsby the narrator, Nick
Caraway makes a statement that, in my opinion, reveals to the reader why the book is called The Great Gatsby.

“They’re a rotten crowd” Nick shouted across the lawn to Gatsby
“You're worth the whole damn lot put together.”

I agree with Nicks statement because Gatsby has outstanding values that differ and set him apart from the other characters in the book.
Also the one main feature that really sets him apart from the crowd and makes him worth more than the whole crowd is his ability to set himself goals and achieve them.

He had a dream, An American Dream.

Throughout the book Gatsby is portrayed as a mysterious character. The
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Later on in the book we learn that his real name is James Gatz, he was born in North Dakota to a poor family. Whilst serving in the army in
World War 1 he met Daisy Fay (now Daisy Buchanan) and fell in love with her. He worked briefly with a millionaire, and became acquainted with the people and customs of high society. This and his love for
Daisy inspired Gatsby to devote his life to the acquisition of wealth.
For Daisy he would do anything, and he began making his fortune through illegal activities.

Daisy, Tom and Jordan are all part of the rotten crowd because they all have much the same questionable values. Daisy for example is selfish; she has an affair with Gatsby whilst married to Tom. She is careless for instance; running over and killing Myrtle Wilson while driving Gatsby’s car. She is immature as she doesn’t seem to know how to act her age and uses her frail character as an excuse. Finally she is materialistic in that she married Tom Buchannan because he had money even though she promised Gatsby her heart.

Jordan is much the same as Daisy as she too is selfish; she left a borrowed car out in the rain and then lied about it. She is a hypocrite; told Nick that she hates careless people when her best friends are the most careless people around. She is materialistic;

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