The Higher Education Debate Essay

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Higher education debate is a controversial and hot topic for politicians in the United States due to the price associated with higher education in the country. State lawmakers regularly worry about the rising cost of attaining a college degree, and lowering the debt burden to the student. Consequently these issues have been turned into a talking point during the presidential campaign trail. The pressure on the amount of tuition paid has not only been seen from the government but also from the families, which have shown reluctance in paying the high tuition fees. Public universities 'which have attempted to increase the fee' have come under heavy scrutiny despite the reluctance of the state to invest in higher education (Holmwood, 2011). …show more content…
The number of students applying for university education has not increased back to the previous level recorded before the rise in tuition fees. With lack of outside support for the university education, the universities are being pushed into programs that would enhance access to university education. The California state university system shared that, with reduced state support and reduced tuition fees, the education inequality is being experienced. Reduction of tuition fees on university participation are small, but not zero and in turn the move would have very little in closing the gap between university participation rates in people from higher and lower ends of the income distribution (Holmwood, 2011).
Lowering of tuition fees in university education has been a hot topic among politicians. However, the proposed move has failed to attain the required result, and in turn the state government is being forced to add more financial support to the education system. This has not been the case, and in turn the institutions are forced to cater for the financial deficiency by increasing tuition. This has affected even the equality of education since it is only a small number of people who can access university education.

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