Essay about The History and the Symbolism of the Festival of Pesach

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The History and the Symbolism of the Festival of Pesach

Around 3000 years ago, the Israelites who lived in Egypt were blamed for all of the troubles of the country. They were enslaved by the Pharaoh and forced to labour constantly under the whip to build palaces and buildings for him.

This continued for years until one day, when King Herod threw all the Israelite babies into the river, for fear of being overthrown, one baby survived. He floated in a wicker basket down the Nile to the palace of the Pharaoh himself. Moses, for this was the baby’s name, grew up as a high class Egyptian but was always aware of his roots. When he saw a slave driver whipping an Israelite, he killed the man and
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They had to eat the unrisen dough. They all left the clutches of the Pharaoh together but soon enough, Pharaoh changed his mind.

When the Israelites got the Red Sea, they began to lose hope, for the armies were fast on their trail and they could never cross the sea to escape.

It was then that a miracle occurred. The waves of the Red Sea parted and the Israelites were able to cross to the other side. As soon as they all reached the other side the sea closed trapping the Pharaoh's army as the waves closed upon them.

It was then that the Israelites realised they were free from the Egyptians.

This is the story of the Passover and Pesach celebrates this history. It was the single most important thing that ever happened to them, as it marks the beginning of a new era and the start of the Jewish nation.

Pesach is the first of three Pilgrim festivals that celebrate this time in history. The Torah requires Jews to travel to the Promised Land during this time to offer sacrifices but since most Jews now live in the Diaspora, it is increasingly hard to meet the demands of the Torah. The festivals are however extremely important because they mark such significant events in Jewish history:

Peasch- This is to celebrate the liberation from slavery in Egypt.

Sukkot- This

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