The Impact of Religious Educational Schools on Child Development

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There are many factors and perspectives that shape the minds of people; children in particular are very impressionable; taken this fact it is very possible that different types of education may have an effect on child development. Specifically, the case of religious education is a perspective that many adolescents are being introduced to. More parents than ever before are choosing to put their children in private schools, children’s churches, and church services in general. With the impact of religious education and change in curriculum young minds are being shaped in a different fashion, one that could change a generation. George Washington a founding father of the nation stated “Of all the dispositions and habits which lead to …show more content…
Nor does it imply or enforce any one certain collective though or god. Religious education is defined as the teaching of the basic principles of morals and beliefs without any prejudice to any certain religion. In reality it can be broken down into clichés such as “If you don’t have anything nice to say do not say anything at all,” or “Treat others as you wish to be treated.” In my community service hours I observed at Flint Baptist Children’s Church rudimentary skills being taught. Children were taught to sit with their hands in their laps and quiet while others were speaking. They would receive rewards such as candy or stickers if they were good. In the best cases they were given play days where they were allowed to play with balls and run around if they had been good during Children’s church; some of the most impacting actions was the teaching of songs. The children would sing “Jesus Loves Me” in which they were taught that no matter “red, yellow, black, or white they were precious in his sight.” Some of the worst behaved children over a period of weeks of discipline and loving would suddenly become contained and sweet to an extent. Morally speaking the children was taught to share, care, love, and respect; which are common themes in the ideals of religious education. In countless religions the basis theme is to love and respect others which is why parents are so adamant about having their children in private, religious schools.

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