Essay about The Importance of Modeling and Differentiated Instruction

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With current trends in the field of education, and the increased emphasis of standardized testing data, classrooms of today have become increasingly outcome driven. Although few would argue with the importance of improving classroom instruction and the logic associated with basing instruction on desired student outcomes, this one size fits all approach is not without its detractors.
Today many elementary teachers feel pressured to move forward with content instruction even when they may personally feel that there are students in their classrooms who have not sufficiently mastered the skill. This practice is especially troublesome as it relates to the instruction of reading and reading fluency. It is a widely accepted belief among
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In response to a National Reading Panel report, Sherry Sanden (2012) began to survey what practices were common among highly effective reading instructors. Her study was in response to a NRP study that had failed to find any conclusive evidence that linked an increased amount of reading to improved reading ability among children. She concluded that although “independent reading varied from classroom to classroom”, they shared “important commonalities, including elements of teacher support for reading that are absent from traditional sustained silent reading (SSR) models”. (Sanden, 2012, p.223-224)
Of the eight teachers observed in the study, all “agreed that although independent reading is an opportunity for young readers to test their wings, they feel responsible for providing ongoing assistance in areas such as monitoring student choices, teaching independent reading behaviors, and maintaining focus on student growth.”(Sanden, 2012, p.224) Personally, I feel that this practice is of the upmost importance. While it is important for students to enjoy the content of what they are reading, it is doubly important that the correct methods for gathering relevant information garnered from the reading be modeled and monitored. A teachers’ willingness to model and adapt their teaching style to student needs and interests plays a major role in student success with reading fluency.
Ortlieb, Grandstaff-Beckers, and Cheek Jr. (2012)

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