Essay The Importance of Perception to Schizophrenics

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The Importance of Perception to Schizophrenics

Schizophrenia is one of the most complex brain disorders. It is a genetically contrived disease which has nothing to do with misconceived characteristic of split personalities. It concerns the degradation of the brain observed through common symptoms collectively known as "positive symptoms." The common "positive symptoms" are insequential thought processes, delusions, disorganized speech, and hallucinations (4). Other symptoms, such as apathy, alogia, avolition, depression or social withdrawal are known as "deficit symptoms(4)." Schizophrenia diminishes the neurodevelopment, the social learning as well as the behavioral developmental processes of the brain (1). Since most of the symptoms
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In Hommer's experiment, through the utilization of an internal model, they examined smooth pursuit eye movement(2). The results revealed that patients without visual feedback were unlikely to form the motor task required(1). According to Frith and Done, this demonstrates a dysfunction in the center monitoring of action in eye movement. As shown here the schizophrenic's visual stimuli is altered. Instead of a smooth, continuous sensory input pattern, the schizophrenic's perceptual input pattern is random and segmented; this in turn causes feelings of confusion and anxiety. Also, visual stimuli reaction time is delayed(4). This results in slower conceptual input and therefore is one reason why schizophrenics become comotozed. They concentrate on an object in order to distinguish it and even then they cannot study all of it. Due to the inability of visual feedback they may only study scrutinize particular parts of the specific object. As the schizophrenic condition becomes worse the automatic processes mechanisms deteriorate further(1). The innerself must counterbalance these fragmented pieces of reality without any substantial perspective from output or input mechanisms.

For an example, a schizophrenic patient said,

"It's not that I can't concentrate right, it's just that I can't concentrate on the major issues. I get fogged up with all the different bits and lose the important things in the picture. I find myself

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