The Influence of Interactions on Child Development Essay

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Socio-cultural theorists emphasize that much of the development takes place though direct interaction between children and other people e.g. parents, teachers, siblings and so on. Lev Vygotsky (1934) argued that this interaction helps children to acquire the skills and knowledge that are valued by their culture. Children are active learners, constructing knowledge, skills, and attitudes, not just mirroring the world around them. Essentially, the history and the culture of the society in which a child grows up and the events making up a child’s personal history determine much more than what that child knows or likes. It also determines which mental tools the child will learn and how these tools will shape the child’s mind.

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Vygotsky however, believed that the education does not just involve specific knowledge and skills. He believed that it is the knowledge of children’s learning abilities in order to be able to plan and think clearly and creatively and also communicate their understanding in variety of ways. This could be achieved by providing children with different social tools which allow children to use their basic mental functions more effectively. Vygotsky claimed that we use material tools to extend our physical knowledge and psychological tools to extend our mental abilities. These are symbolic ways of communicating and include things such as signs, symbols, drawings and so on. We can observe the implementation of these elementary mental functions though play in young children. At the preschool level of tools of mind, planning what the child is going to do is an important strategy to the development of self-regulation, meaning that they will be able to control their emotional well-being as well as the ability to act in their long-term best interest, which is consistent with child’s own values which have been acquired in their culture. When children are self-regulated, they are most likely to choose the best strategy that will help them to learn more effectively and achieve goals that they have set

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