Essay on The Italian Baroque’s Love of The Dramatic

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The Italian Baroque’s love of dramatic effects in artistic expression is one of the most recognizable features of the Italian Baroque. Architecture, music, painting, and sculpture all have very good examples that utilize dramatic effects very effectively. In the next few minutes, we will explore an example of each and highlight the various features that illustrate the dramatic effects that characterize the Italian Baroque. We will begin with Artemisia Gentileschi’s painting Judith and Maidservant with Head of Holofernes. We will then explore Francesco Borromini’s design for San Carlo alle Quattro. Then we will examine Gian Lorenzo Bernini’s sculpture David. Finally, we will discuss George Frederick Handel’s oratorio Messiah. …show more content…
Francesco Borromini was an architect in the sixteen hundreds and designed one of the best examples of Italian Baroque expression, the Church of San Carlo alle Quattro Fontane. It is understandable when you consider he was a student of Bernini, who served as chief Vatican architect through eight popes and nearly fifty years. His design for the church is simply amazing. The originality, the amount of detail and the creativity that he placed in the design is incredible. He gave every aspect of the church a very Baroque feel. We will begin by examining the outside structure and proceed to the inner features. For starters, the land on which they would build the church was small and one corner would have to accommodate the fountain of Neptune already at the intersection. To compensate, he turns one of the outer walls touching the fountain off square a little creating the sensation of movement. One side of the building features an elaborate facade. The floors of the facade are similar in some aspects such as both having columns, windows, and concave niches but that is where the similarities end. The columns on the first floor are larger while the upper columns change from round to square at the top and the first floor windows are oval with the rest being square. At the top of the first floor facade there is a small balustrade and at the very top there is a more elaborate balustrade that has an enormous cartouche jutting out from the

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