Essay about The Life and Achievements of Sacagawea

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Sacagawea was a mother, navigator and symbol of family for all of Lewis and Clark's discover corps. She provided direction, natural plants for boiling and eating, bargained for much needed horses with her recently reunited brother and was a message for the group that hope should be kept alive. Sacagawea navigates Lewis and Clark through dangerous passages to find a northwest passage and reach "the great waters". Many things have been vague about her life, such as her childhood and death but the voyage she took is known very well.

Sacagawea's birth is unknown but she was born a Shoshone Indian. Many things about her childhood are based on the information known about the other women of her childhood. “She along with other female children
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Sacagawea was shocked to see how different their way of life was from theirs and astonished to see an animal that looked as if it was a miniature version of a black bear. Many a men had facial hair and one, she was surprised to find, had skin as black as night. She later learned that he was Mr. Lewis’ slave, York. After a month or two the leaders of the expedition, Meriwether Lewis and William Clark, invited Sacagawea and Charbonneau to stay with them at the winter fort and become acclimated with the crew and their way of life. During this time Sacagawea had her child. He was a boy and his father named him Jean Baptiste Charbonneau, after a close friend. “Sacagawea agreed. Her life with her child was just beginning and in time she would call him a name that suited him better. After all, he would be her dearest companion in the months to come.” (St. George 16) After Jean, or “pomp” as Lewis liked to call him, was born Charbonneau became very arrogant with his stories that he told to the Indians back home. He felt as if the rules did not apply to him and that he was better than even Mr. Lewis and Clark themselves. Lewis and Clark then told him that if he could not abide by the rules than the journey could go on without him. Charbonneau then came raging back to their fort home and told Sacagawea to pack up and they were leaving. Sacagawea did not normally speak

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