Essay about The Los Angeles Riots of 1992

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The Los Angeles Riots of 1992

The Los Angeles riots were a release of pressure that had build up from the innocent charging of Officer Laurence M. Powell and other Police officers that "Used excessive force" on Rodney King on March 3, 1991, but that was not the only reason.(8) In the words of a singer singing about the riots "They said it was for the black man, they said it was for the Mexican, but not for the white man, but if you look at the streets it wasn't about Rodney King, It's bout this f****d up situation and the f****n' police."(9) Did the riots even have anything to do with King? Was King a minor reason for this to happen, or did King put the level of pressure right over the top? Whatever way you see it, the fact is that on
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Worst hit LA areas include Hollywood, Koreatown, and the Crenshaw District, but San Francisco and Atlanta were also hurt from mass rioting, maybe caused by the same reason, or maybe caused because everyone had a reason.(6) Should anyone be held responsible for what happened? Of course not, a city can't charge so many people of such a thing, but no one that was economically hurt will forget.

The rioters were responsible for destroying two bookstores and a library. The Aquarian Bookshop was possibly the oldest black-owned bookshop in the U.S.. At the corner of Martin Luther King Blvd. and S. Western Ave. the Pathfinder Press's building was burnt down to the ground. Specializing in black studies and known for its publishing's of the famous Malcolm X, Che Guevara and even Nelson Mandela, its being well known was the reason for thousands of dollars in donations and people from the nearby area volunteered their backs to get the new storefront up and running. Ironically in the nearby area were the same people that burnt it down.(4)

The Broadway in Crenshaw Plaza was unable to open until Wednesday due to being one of the ones hardest hit by looters. This same Broadway began setting up a

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