The Main Themes of Journey's End Essay

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The Main Themes of Journey's End

Sheriff showed a lot of themes in this book, which made it very effective. The main themes were:


The reality of war


Irony of the play


Hopelessness of war

The cross section of types of people/officers

The coping of the pressure of war.


In heroism, in this text, we clearly see that Raleigh tries to be a hero but fails. Raleigh (excitedly): "I say Stanhope's told me about the raid". This suggests that Raleigh had a set picture of war (go and kill the enemy and be a hero), but he didn't know the reality of it

In the text, we see a quiet hero shown in Osborne. Osborne: "my names
Osborne. Second in command of the
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In the text, we see Osborne try to forget the war with Raleigh before the raid. Osborne: " your coffee sweat enough"?This method failed, because there is no time or opportunity to forget the war, it is constant. In grief and mourning, we see Stanhope ignore Osborne's death.
Stanhope: "we were having a jolly decent evening till you started blabbing about the war". This suggests Stanhope cannot show his true feelings and emotions. Also, it shows he is more worried about his duty and we think Stanhope drinks, to cover this up. We also again see another example in which you try to forget about the war but you can't because they are surrounded by it.

In this text, we see Raleigh grief over Osborne's death. Raleigh:
"Good God! Don't you understand? How can I sit down and eat- when - when Osborne's lying out there". This suggests that he wants others to mourn in the way he does. This also again shows his inexperience, as this grieving takes over him.

In this text, we see Trotter show no grief to Osborne's death.
Trotter: just a cup o'tea - then I'll go and relieve young Raleigh.
Pity 'e didn't come down to supper". This suggests he is too worried about his own life and it doesn't affect him.

In the theme on grief and mourning it shows that different characters deal with war in different ways, some are extreme and some are not enough. In hopelessness of war, the opposition outnumber them in every

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