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Manhattan Project The Manhattan Project was the panicle of weapons in World War II. The Manhattan Project was the development of Nuclear weapons in the U.S. that were used to Destroy, Eradicate, and Ravage the civilizations of the people of Hiroshima & Nagasaki. In 1942 The Manhattan Project started a timeline of nuclear engagement that would spread to countries such as Russia, India, and the U.K. and to countries in the Middle East. To this day the nuclear timeline continues with a series of tests within the U.S. out in states in the West Coast where the nuclear tests originated. These states ever since then have been exposed to nuclear fission. These states include New …show more content…
Dating back to before this project started the secrecy of the Manhattan Project was staged in all regions of the U.S. But how the Project got so strong was the collaboration with the U.K. which advanced the project that made the bombs more powerful and structured. The very first bomb that was detonated in the project was the Trinity Test in New Mexico. The bomb test was a success and brought about the beginning of a new age in how we now look at war. After the first drop on Hiroshima there was now a one-sided outlook on who had the upper hand in World War II. It was that simple back then if you had a nuclear bomb you had the upper hand. Ever since then the world has come a long way, countries all over the world have now developed their own bombs and now nuclear weapons have been a necessity because of how deep the development has become.

Although nuclear weapons have been beneficial, In World War II when the nuclear power was finally displayed in the bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki it put fear into enemy countries and made countries reconsider if they’re going to keep on fighting. But overusing the bombs could literally blow a situation out of proportion if in the wrong hands. On September 17th, 1942 The Manhattan Project officially started when Col. Richard Groves was notified that he

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