The Medici Family During the Renaissance Essay

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The Renaissance was a time of rebirth of classic learning of the Greeks and Romans in Western Europe after the Middle Ages. Humanism, started by Pettrarch, was the popular belief during that era. People no longer believed that art and culture were only in the hands of the clergy. People wanted to explore and be creative, to be part of the arts and literature themselves. The Medici family were great humanists and made significant contribution to the development of the Italian and European Renaissance. The Medici family was able to make their achievement in the Renaissance because they had tremendous power. The source of the Medici’s power and influence was their great riches. During the period before the Renaissance, known as the …show more content…
The Medici’s were able to attain great wealth during the Crusades. During the long-lasting conflict between the Christians and the Muslims there was a tremendous influx of trade. Many people sought that time as an opportunity to leave the ideas of the Middle Ages and to become prosperous in the ideas of humanism. The ancestors of the Medici family were of the peasants who came to Florence which had prospered form the trade in spices and silks during the booming trade between Europe and the Orient, in the search of attaining wealth. They involved themselves in banking and commerce and were able to acquire great riches. Since Italy, Florence in particular, was in the center of Europe it became the capital of the Renaissance and was the place were the Medici’s prospered. The founder of the Medici fortune was Giovanni de Medici when he moved to Florence in 1397 and began to be active in the Florentine political life. In 1429 Cosimo de Medici took over his father, Giovanni’s bank and attained tremendous public control over Florence which stayed with the family for many years. The power goes down the family chain, to Loreanzo de Medici in 1464 and continue until the fall of the Renaissance in the 1500's. ( The Medici’s were able to make a major impact on the Renaissance in Italy due to the fact that they

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