The Mental Health History and Treatment Plan for an Agressive Child

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Benjamin is a 9-year-old grade 4 student who currently lives at home with his parents and 2 younger siblings, Miya age 2-1/2 and Hanna age 7. He is currently being home schooled. He was recently admitted to the Child and Adolescent Inpatient Mental Health Unit at North York General Hospital on December 13th and discharged on December 17th. Please see Dr. Solomon’s comprehensive discharge summary, job ID 4337036 for a complete history of this patient.

The patient was brought to the Emergency Room this evening in the presence of police. His parents state that the incident that precipitated this admission began when his parents took an iPod away from him. He subsequently became violent and
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His parents state that transitions are quite difficult for him and that even adjusting to their stricter time out policy has been difficult for Benjamin to adjust to. He is on a regular basis verbally aggressive with his parents but this incident escalated this evening.

The patient's family states that they have instituted a safety plan in the house. They state that there are always 2 people in the home and that they have had to hire a CYW to provide additional supports. As well, they try to keep Benjamin separated from his sisters, however, there are some concerns about the safety of the other children. Since discharge in December, the parents state that they have been seen and assessed twice at the Hincks-Dellcrest Day Treatment Program. A treatment plan has not yet been put into place; however, the Hincks is helping to facilitate a number of referrals at this time to various agencies and support programs. In addition, the parents are waiting for a neurodevelopmental assessment by Dr. Sandor on February 4th. They are also receiving phone support by Youthdale, but are not receiving any direct services from that agency at this time. Jewish Family and Child Services has been to the home to assess the situation but have not offered any specific services at this time. While in hospital, Benjamin had been on fluoxetine but this was discontinued and he is currently taking no medication at this time, however, a

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