Essay on The Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka

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Franz Kafka’s The Metamorphosis is a short story written during the nineteenth century that took place during the Modernist Era. The novella was not meant to be published because Franz Kafka specifically told his close friend that he wants his work to be burned. When Kafka suffered from tuberculosis and passed away, his close friend, Max Brod reviewed his work. He thought Kafka's work was brilliant and decided to published his work. Gregor Samsa’s transformation into a vermin has shown the lost of humanity in which it will show the similarity between the main character and the narrator as well as the impact Gregor Samsa’s loved ones have on him.
Gregor’s alteration shows how he has lost control over his own body and that it affects his
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Kafka informs that “… hung the picture that he had recently cut out of an illustrated magazine and had placed in a pretty gilt frame. It depicted a lady who, decked out in a fur hat and a fur boa, sat upright, raising toward the viewer a heavy fur muff in which her whole forearm was encased” (1). The woman that wore a fur hat, fur boa and fur muff expresses how she is turning into an animal.
Gregor Samsa, a fictional character, thought up by Franz Kafka is a resemblance in relation to his real life experiences. From the complex relationships of father and son to being isolated from their loved ones. Kafka's father never seen his son as a writer and expects him to be a lawyer. Kafka, on the other hand, loves to write despite of what his father has told him to do. Kafka's earliest work was burned because he was not satisfied with them. Aside from the bad connection between Kafka and his father, he also did not have a good bond with women. Kafka was never married. In fact, Kafka's father had disapproved one of Kafka's engagement. In The Metamorphosis, Gregor Samsa is a reflection of Kafka's life.
Before Gregor was revamped, he had to go to work daily and had to deal with society outside of his home. He travels all day and barely gain any rest when he gets home. Furthermore, he has to talk to people all around the world for a short period of time. He could not make any friends due to constantly traveling to different

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