Essay about The Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci

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If someone where to ask you to name a famous painting, what would you say? I would answer The Mona Lisa, possibly the most prominent painting there is today. For my research project, I will be analyzing, retelling, and exploring the Mona Lisa. I chose this piece of artwork because I love art and was just interested in why the Mona Lisa is such a well-known painting. The Mona Lisa was created by Italian Renaissance artist Leonardo da Vinci. It was started in approximately c.1503 in the town of Florence, Italy. In 1503, according to the official website of the Louvre museum, an Italian silk merchant by the name of Francesco del Giocondo came to Da Vinci with a request for a portrait of his wife, Lisa Gherardini. The painting was oil paints …show more content…
Leonardo explained that it was created for the late Giuliano de’Medici. Stanley Feldman, an art historian quotes, “It starts to become apparent that there were two separate commissions, one for Francesco del Giocondo and another one for Giuliano de’Medici.” Another clue is that when Italian artist Raphael visited Da Vinci, he described a picture of what appears to be the Mona Lisa in c.1504. The difference is that in Raphael’s sketch, there were columns in the back, but in the Mona Lisa presented at the Louvre, there are none.
In c.1913, art historian and collector Hugh Blaker discovered the original Mona Lisa in the home of an English noble who states that his family was in possession of painting for almost 150 years. It was still unfinished. Excited about his finding, Blaker buys the painting and brings it back to Italy. Still, it cannot be displayed just yet because shortly after, World War I breaks out. Worried for the safety of the painting, Blaker sends the painting to the U.S where it was displayed in the Boston Museum of Art. Following the war, the original Mona Lisa is brought back to Italy. Technology today confirms that the painting Hugh Blaker found is undeniably the original Mona Lisa. In fact, historians think Leonardo da Vinci used age progression between the two paintings considering the original that was made in c.1503 looked quite younger than the one hung at the

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