Essay on The Movement that Shocked the World called Euromaidan

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Ukraine has recently shaken the world with a phenomenon called Euromaidan, a collective name for some extraordinary events that took place on the main square of its capital. A dormant post-soviet country "somewhere by Russia" suddenly made it to the major media headlines and stayed there for three months straight. And it wasn't just a pretty picture of impressive crowds or transmundane tire-fires that captured the eye of the public. This uprising, that looked at first just like any other "color revolution", quickly escalated into a strong self-organized and structured movement, becoming a higher level of protest for Ukraine in particular and Europe in general. Caused by a number of political and social tensions, this national crisis still …show more content…
Yanukovych surrounded himself with those who approved the spreading of corruption and used it to gain immense riches. His son, a dentist by profession, earned around $200 million in the last 2 years (Onuch). Meanwhile small and medium business owners struggled to keep their enterprises afloat, having to fight off both tax police and hired thugs at the same time. Huge portions of the economy shifted to the black market as the country was rapidly sliding into bankruptcy. That, however, did not stop Yanukovych from building mansion after mansion while billions of dollars just disappeared from the budget. After all, "he wanted to be not only the president but the oligarch-in-chief" (Snyder, “Ukraine: The Hase of Propoganda”). Despite all efforts to hide those facts, they have greatly contributed to the unrest of the Ukrainian people.
President's refusal to sign a trade agreement with the EU was the final straw that broke the camel's back. Yanukovych declared the European agenda as his priority right after being elected in 2010 and took a sharp turn towards cooperation with Russia in the fall of 2013. Ukrainians refused to accept this decision. After all, they saw Europe "as a chance to enter a world of free trade rather than government syndicates, and the rule of law rather than overwhelming corruption" (Snyder, “What the West owes Ukraine”). After the President announced his decision, the protest

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