The Perfect Job Essay

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Key Motivators
To enhance my job satisfaction and improve my motivation, changes to my current job must emphasize my current role as the person on the flight deck of the organization. Changes to my current job would create a situation where I can spend more time navigating and advising others so that as an organization, all the members cooperate with each other; we are enthusiastic about our work, and always work together to accomplish assignments and projects. While my current job is very fulfilling, challenging, and filled with endless opportunities, growth needs are high on my priority to keep me motivated. Redesigning my job to allow me to be the manager responsible for defining priorities and reorganizing tasks and people would
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The enhancement to my current job has to put me in a position where I am always in a role as a key contributor, taking on critical and value added tasks for the organization; I have to be relevant in my role and be part of the critical chain of command. Some of the critical responsibilities are to motivate and lead others to ensure that our organization meets the strategic objectives flowed down from our division leaders. My role gives me full authority to shift our employees’ activities to ensure that everyone is working the most critical activities and that the organization is the most productive, amending my job responsibilities must have the same or higher level of decision-making and authority over a larger group to satisfy my needs (Mills, 2009).
Important Rewards
With all jobs, rewards come in different forms. The self-assessment highlighted that the most important rewards to me are recognition, job security, interesting work, friendly co-workers, and chances to advance. Of the five rewards, two stand above the others; chances to advance and recognition (Brun & Dugas, 2008). In my current job, I frequently receive non-monetary recognition for doing a good job; in a revised job, I would receive more non-monetary recognition and rewarded with advancement opportunities, the rewards are essential for validating performance and gauging effectiveness.
Leadership and Management of People
My current job allows me to function as a

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